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 'Destiny' Band Oz is an Australian band formed by singer-songwriter recording artists, Thomas & Tessa Libreri and they head-up the melodic male and female lead vocals of the band. initially a duo, 'Destiny' is now a 6 piece full live working band based in Gippsland.

‘Destiny' Band Oz is renowned for its classy, fun-filled and versatile entertainment. Able to satisfy a wide range of musical tastes with a vast repertoire of country, rock rock & roll, ballads, swing, jazz and popular music from the 50's to today with strong 60s, 70s and 80s influences as well as their own original country chart topping hits!

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Detailed bio -Thomas & Tessa Libreri-The Making of Destiny Band Oz

 Destiny Long Biography as @ 7th December 2017


Thomas Libreri and Tessa Libreri are Australian independent singer/songwriter/recording artists who have been performing for years but have only come onto the country music scene in 2017 with the successful releases of their original music to receptive radio audiences. They head up their own 6 piece, working band, based in Gippsland, (Melbourne, Victoria Australia) named Destiny (Band Oz). Tessa sings lead vocals and Thomas plays lead guitar and vocals.  They play a wide variety of ‘good time’ classic hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s; tribute shows and their own original mix of country, rock, jazz/soul style hits. Their debut album, called ‘Take Me Back in Time’ was released in 2016 and their first radio single from this album, ‘One Love’ was released in March 2017. Their 2nd album called ‘Makin Music’ was released in June 2017 with 2 x radio singles released from this album, ‘The Thing I Like Best About You’ and ‘Makin Music’.  A new radio single was released in October 2017, ‘Streets of Old Kilsyth’ and a new single/EP is set for release in February 2018.  Their third album will be released later in 2018. 

Both Thomas & Tessa originally grew up in the suburbs of Melbourne; (Reservoir and Kilsyth respectively) before moving out of home to the country (where their paths eventually crossed in Kinglake). Thomas, born in Australia from Maltese parents started learning guitar at a young age from a local lady 'Miss Canobe'; then had some singing lessons with 60s pop singer Normie Rowe at Thornbury Music; bass guitar tuition at Ralph's Music and later, further classical and jazz guitar tuition with Tony Calabaro. Thomas played bass and sang in his first band at 14 years of age with the now acclaimed drummer, Darren Farrugia.  Thomas was then lead vocalist in top Italian band ‘Felicita’ before securing a 10 year position as a bass player and vocalist in a resident reception/cabaret band called 'After 5'. He also filled in as a bass player in the band for 'Wendy and The Rockets' and was honoured to play in the band for the President of Malta when he visited Australia.


Tessa was also born in Australia to English parents who were both repertory actors in England – (Tessa’s father was also on the English radio show, ‘The Archers’ and Tessa’s mum used to teach drama classes at Tessa’s primary school).  So it was little wonder that Tessa was theatrical. She loved horses and the country as well as music, singing and performing. She had guitar lessons with Tom Carter in Kilsyth from 11 years old, played the tuba then the tenor horn in the school band, performed in choirs and had several leading roles in many high school musicals. Tessa attended the Johnny Young Talent School in Richmond, had jazz ballet and tap dancing lessons with Barbara Hale, studied singing with the wonderful opera singer, Suzanne Steele and later, esteemed vocal coach, Audrey Duggan for more contemporary vocal tuition. Tessa also did a variety of 'extra' acting work on locally produced TV series and movies such as Neighbours, Skirts, Flying Doctors, Carson's Law, The Henderson Kids, 'Mission Impossible' etc. and sang on 'In Melbourne Today' TV show with Ernie Sigley and Denise Drysdale. Unfortunately Tessa had to knock back quite a few performing opportunites due to restrictive circumstances at the time, until she eventually became lead singer of a Line Dancing country band, based in Kinglake in 1995.


Thomas later joined this band as a bass player and before long he and Tessa started a duo together, which they named 'Destiny' (as it seemed to have been 'destiny' that they had met). They registered the name ‘Destiny’ (and later also registered the name Destiny Band Oz due to other bands overseas also using the name ‘Destiny’).  They got married, had children and later formed a reception band, performing regularly around their local Yarra Valley, Kinglake and Yea area as well as other notable venues such as Melbourne’s Crown Casino, Parliament House and Federation Square whilst running their own award-winning building and maintenance business and bringing up a young family.


Thomas and Tessa have had several line up changes of ‘Destiny’ throughout the years and some of their notable members have included drummer, Eddie Chappell, (from the 70s pop band 'Jigsaw'), country/jazz guitarist John Donaldson, Scott Hayward (guitarist from Melbourne band ‘Wonderpants') and Peter Wade (currently drummer of country rock band 'The Mason Boys').


In 2009, Thomas and Tessa fought the Black Saturday Bushfires, saving their family, neighbours and their award-winning ‘dream home’ they’d purpose-built; (replete with soundproofed studio and band rehearsal room -which is now hired out by the new owners for corporate getaways and also used for songwriting workshops by renowned Australian country duo, Carter & Carter) but about 12 months after this terrible event, and after having been so involved with the relief effort and the rebuilding process, the many bad memories (which were taking its toll on their family life) forced Thomas and Tessa to move away from Kinglake for a new start. (Thomas received a Bravery Medal from the Governor General in recognition for his actions on that day by saving a neighbour who had been burnt in the fires – but who tragically passed away 3 weeks later.  Thomas and Tessa took a leap of faith, relocating their family and making a new home for themselves in a peaceful, rural setting in country Gippsland, where they took some time out to rejuvenate. Thomas and Tessa (Destiny) started performing again as a duo at RSLs, clubs and private functions in the area. Their youngest daughters (and Tessa) became involved with performing in amateur musical theatre and Thomas also became involved in playing in the orchestras of these shows. The creative musical juices started to flow again and Thomas and Tessa decided to record an album of the original music that he and Tessa had written over the years.  So they formed the current 6 piece line up of ‘Destiny’ in 2015 for this purpose but also became an ‘in-demand’ live band with a full calendar of regular gigs at various venues. The current line up comprises Ron Armstrong on keyboards (who used to play with Lee Forster [Lee Forster Band] for many years), Bob Hutton on Bass, Michael Hicks on drums and Lee-Anne Falkingham as backing vocalist.



The 4 tracks Destiny have released so far (via CRS Publicity and Amrap AirIt)​ are: 

1. 'One Love' (CRS #197 – composed and sung by Tessa Libreri, 

​Track 7 from their debut album 'Take Me Back in Time') which enjoyed sustained local chart success and got​ to #2 spot on the official Tasmanian Top 40 chart​;

 2.  'The Thing I Like Best About You' written and sung by Thomas Libreri (CRS#199 -Track no 8 from the album 'Makin Music'). This song has remained constantly in various local charts since its release on 5th June of this year with 4 weeks in #1 spot on the Tasmanian Top 40 chart and was also in the National Australian Country Tracks Top 40 Chart for 6 weeks, getting up to #12;  

3. 'Makin Music' (CRS DD10)​ T​he title song (Track 2) of their album, 'Makin Music' which is a duet written by Thomas for Tessa and guest artist on this track, Chris 'Boots' Lee which shot to #12 on the Australian Country Tracks Top 40 in its 2nd week after its release​ and getting to #8, (on 25.11.17) as well as getting to #1​ on the Tasmanian chart and still on the national Australian Country Tracks chart at #17 as @ 6.12.17, and

4. Their newest single, 'Streets of Old Kilsyth' (CRS203) A cheeky, traditional, heritage style country song and true story written by Thomas Libreri, lyrics in collabration with and lead vocals by Tessa Libreri​. Getingt to #1 on the Tasmanian Top 40 Chart, #3 on the My Country Australia chart on 1.12.17 and #2 on the National Australian Country Tracks Top 40 chart on 25.11.17.  And also #5 on the Kate's Country Sounds chart on Coast FM in October 17.

5. Although never officially released, Destiny’s cover version of ‘To Sir With Love’ was picked up by radio stations from the album and this song also got to #1 on the Tasmanian chart (and is currently #13 as at 1.12.17)


​Destiny, Thomas and their songs were also finalists in 4 categories at the recent Tasmanian Independent Country Music Awards. Destiny also performed at the awards function held at the Launceston Country Club and received awards​ for 2 x ​no.1 hit songs (between June and October 17).


So look out for Destiny’s next single/EP being released on 17.2.18 with their 3rd album of originals being released later on in 2018!




For further information and enquiries, Ph 0417361 692.... 'Check out our gig guide for upcoming gigs!Make a Date with 'Destiny'
Destiny Band Oz Youtube Channel -  (The Thing I Like Best About You)  (Makin' Music)


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